Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fascinating, Tantalizing, and Dangerous!

If there is one thing Bette Davis is known for, it is scandalous films. "The Letter" is just that. It is full of lies and deceit. Bette's character Leslie is the wife to a rubber planation worker in Singapore. She shoots and kills another man and claims it is all due to the fact that he was getting fresh with her. She is applauded for her efforts and then makes breakfast. That pesky law thing comes into play and she must go to trial. Word on the street is that there is a letter written by her that proves she really is  up to no good, and her lawyer friends must help save the day without ratting her evilness out to her loving husband. Shit eventually hits the fan and Bette is forced to show her true colors. 

I must say upon seeing this film that it is not one of my favorites. You know from the start that Bette is evil, and you just have to wait until she'll admit it. Since there are really only 3 significant characters in this film it gets a bit boring. But they all can't be your favorites. 

Don't worry Bette, I still love you and your bitchy ways.


Mr. Tiny said...

I love this movie. Her husband, Herbert Marshall, is awesome and one of my favorite actors. Watch Little Foxes, he also plays the straight man to Bette's lying, conniving and deceitful you know what! I love the "Malaysian" lady - so creepy!!!

Patti said...

Hi, I found your blog because of Monty's post about you. I always love discovering new classic movie blogs.

I've seen The Letter and really enjoyed it. However, as with you, it's not one of my favorites. Actually, Now, Voyager is my favorite Bette Davis movie AND my favorite movie of all-time. I think Bette Davis is the most brilliant actress ever...totally love her.

Emily said...

Patti I am glad you mentioned Now, Voyager. It is also one of my favs. Bette Davis is so divine. I love her life on screen and off.