Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Film Noir and Crafting

Over at Janell's yesterday we decided to compliment our crafting session with "No Man of Her Own" starring Barbara Stanwyck. We stitched away as we watched this 1950's film that neither of us had ever seen.

Barbara plays a poor woman who is knocked up and thrown out by her "loving" boyfriend Steve. She gets on a train and meets a kind rich couple. The wife is just as preggers as Barb and they hang out during the train ride. The wife tells Barb that they are traveling to meet her in-laws for the first time and they have no idea who or what she looks like. She lets Barb try on her wedding band and *SMASH* there is an awesome train crash scene where the rich couple die.

When she wakes up she notices that the hospital has mistaken her for the rich wife, and Barb decides to go with it. She ends up living with her "in-laws" and the story plays out as she feels the guilt. Steve eventually finds her and the noir in film noir begins. On the side, her "brother-in-law" has the hots for her and dates her while at the same time introduces her as his sister-in-law. Classy. 

There is another film by the same title starring Clark Gable that I will have to check out. According to imdb.com they do not have the same story line. But I liked this film. It is full of murder and lies and deceit which surprisingly goes well with crafting.


Mr. Tiny said...

Wow - we must have been on some weird Barbara Stanwyck wavelength! This sounds pretty good. I have seen the other "No Man of Her Own." One would think it would be a sure thing - Gable & Lombard!!!! - but it was actually kind of boring. I love stolen identity movies. Check out "A Stolen Life" and "Dead Ringer" - Bette Davis is crazy!!!!

Emily said...

Added and added. Thanks Mr. Tiny!