Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moon Over Miami

No, not Moon Over My Hammy. This isn't Denny's. This is a wonderfully fun film with tons of kitschy song and dance. Ok, that was a cheesy line. But I love this film so much I watch it over and over. Here is why: The outfits are fabulous, and there are many of them. Don Ameche is one of the leads and I love him, partially because he lived next door to my grandparents when he retired. I used to stare out the window hoping to get a glance of him...but I never did. Recluse. There are a few awesome arial shots of Miami in the early 40's and lastly, the songs are cute and get stuck in your head (in a good way).

It all starts out with three poor but pretty broads who work at a drive-in in Texas and decide to take their inheritance, take a vacation to Miami, and pretend one of them is rich to snag a man. Similar to "How To Marry A Millionaire", but not close enough to be annoying.

Betty Grable is the one that is chosen to be "rich" while her sister plays her secretary and her aunt plays the maid, because every rich lady travels with a secretary and a maid. So Betty gets the attention of two guys who are childhood friends and presumably loaded. (Ameche and Robert Cummings) and they get dressed up and go out to lavish parties while Betty for some odd reason plays hard to get.

Since they won't get off her back, and she can't take on both, Betty has her "secretary" sister come along as a decoy. Well her sister (played by Carol Landis, who in real life kills herself 7 years later) starts a crush on one of the boys (who ends up being in debt) and they all end up in a love square until the end when, naturally after meeting a week before, they take their pick and get married. 

What happens to the aunt "maid" you ask? Well she ends up falling for the bell boy, because in 1941 only the help can marry the help. And they all live happy ever after....

The End

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