Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Hollywood Crush

Yesterday my dad gave me an article featuring my Hollywood crush, and if you know me, you can figure that this crush is no longer alive. Morbid maybe, but for a long time I have had my eye on Mr. Howard Hughes. He was dashing and eccentric, he built airplanes, dated everyone, and was able to make a name in Hollywood directing only a few hit movies. 
On my way up to Portland to visit my brother over new years, I found myself at the very museum where Howard's Spruce Goose is resting. Boy, was I excited! I had never had a chance to see The Hercules when it was housed in Long Beach, but there I was, standing next to it, walking around inside it. I must say, this airplane is huge in person. It's hard to believe the whole thing is made out of wood and that it got into the air (for a short time anyway).

Ok, so maybe he only drank milk and burned his wardrobe occasionally, poor crazy Howard, I don't think you get enough credit.

You are my Hollywood crush.

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