Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rome, by all means, Rome.

Ahhh "Roman Holiday". I was nine, and this was the movie that started it all. I would visit my grandma and grandpa in Arizona and the only things to do there were to go swimming and watch movies.  After a day of swimming until my fingers were shriveled and my hair started turning green my grandma popped in Roman Holiday. Ugg, a black and white movie. Boring. 15 minutes later I was in heaven and I wanted to see more of this "Audrey Hepburn" chick. That was it, I was hooked. Blame Arizona. 

This was Audrey's first movie. The entire cast and crew halted production until Audrey's gig playing Gigi on stage was over. The classic story of a princess who escapes and finds love aka Gregory Peck. He is an American news reporter who runs into Audrey after she escapes the Colosseum. She sleeps in his pajamas and gets a cute hair cut, all without knowing that he knows she is royalty.

When I ever get to Rome I will be doing my best to copy this outfit Audrey wears right down to the sandals. So chic.

While Gregory tries to get the story of a life time, he (gasp!) falls in love with the princess. They drink champagne, get into a bar fight, and are arrested by the police for speeding in a Vespa. In the end, they fall in love and get married. Just kidding, not in this movie. There is a somber ending to Roman Holiday but it makes the movie even more splendid because it is a but more realistic than other films. 

 Audrey and Gregory began a strong friendship after this film that lasted until her death. This film won Audrey her first and last Academy Award for Best Actress.

Not bad for a first timer!

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