Saturday, April 9, 2011

"The Awful Truth"

One can never get enough of Cary Grant, and by one, I mean me. I must proudly confess he is my Hollywood boyfriend. The great hair, sharp suits, slight British accent, and dashing personality has me hooked. Tonight's Cary fix was by way of the excellent screwball comedy, "The Awful Truth" which was the first of three pairings he would have with Ms.Irene Dunne.

Cary and Irene are man and wife until they start to get suspicious. Cary thinks Irene is cheating on him with her foreign singing instructor, and Irene thinks he is lying about his travels. They decide to get a divorce. But who will get Mr. Smith, their dog whom they both love? The court decides to let the dog choose, and he goes with his Momma.

Irene moves in with Aunt Patsy and starts sulking because she misses her man. Cary gets visitation rights with the dog. One night Aunt Patsy scores a date for Irene played by Ralph Bellamy. He is an Okie visiting New York and Irene thinks he is fine. Cary comes over to play with the dog so Irene leaves with Ralph and third wheel Aunt Patsy. After one night on the town Ralph is in love. 

Before you know it, Irene realizes Ralph is a tool and that she still has feelings for Cary. Meanwhile Cary does what he can to break off the engagement because he still loves her too.

Irene still has contact with her singing instructor and Cary and him get in a shuffle when they both get sent to her room to hide from Ralph. Once Ralph gets wind of all Irene's men, he is over it. Cary starts dating a rich heiress and they make plans to wed.

While visiting his future in-laws, Cary finds himself in a pickle when his fabricated sister shows up at the party, and it is Irene! She plays a boozer and the in-laws are not impressed. She and Cary take off once it is clear there will be no wedding bells for anyone.

On the way back, they get pulled over by the heat, and after Irene lets the car run into a tree, they need an escort back to her folk's house for the night. I love the safe way the cops let them ride on the motorcycles. In the end they make a truce and realize the awful truth about their relationship. 

I love this film for many reasons. 
One: Cary(duh). 

Two: Irene's costumes are beautiful.

Three: The cute scene when Cary thinks his hat is too big when it is really someone else's.

And Four: When Cary is hiding behind the door trying to make Irene laugh while she is supposed to be serious with Ralph.

Cary thought this film was going to flop while in production and tried to get out of finishing the picture. It ended up being one of the best hits of the year.

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monty said...

Just read this wonderful post. I love The Awful Truth. I've always said Cary and Irene are my favorite screen team and The awful Truth showcase them at their best. Great stuff Emily.