Friday, April 15, 2011

"Cactus Flower"

In Goldie Hawn's acting debut comes the cute movie "Cactus Flower", which also stars Walter Matthau and Ingrid Bergman. 

Goldie plays Toni, a young girl about town who works in a record shop and is about to kill herself when we meet her. She sends her bf a letter and goes upstairs to end it.

She is saved by neighbor Igor whom she has never met. Toni tells Igor that her bf (Walter) has stood her up yet again. We learn that Walter is a dentist and married with three kids. Toni promises not to off herlself and they call it a night.

Next we meet Walter and learn that is isn't married, but told her he was so he would never have to get married. But he decides he wants to marry Toni once he learns of her failed attempt through the letter that she sent him. Toni doesn't want to be a home wrecker, and wants to get the 'OK' from his wife. But since there is no wife what will Walter do?

Walter asks his trusted secretary (Ingrid) to cover for him and say she's his wife. Ingird is furrious then decedes to go along with it (secretly, she has the hots for Walter too). Toni believes her, but now she wants to meet the kids!

 Walter feels stressed when Toni tells him she thinks his wife still wants him and can't marry him knowing that. Walter decides to convince Toni by saying Ingrid has her own bf, played by Walter's goofy friend. They all meet up and double date.

Things go well until Toni decides that Ingrid's fake bf is embarassing Ingrid and Toni won't allow that. Eventually Igor joins the bunch and everyone has a lot of fun.

Ingrid feels bad and decides to tell Toni the truth, and you must watch it to find out what happends next...

This first film of Goldie's earned her an Oscar for best supporting actress. I love Golie in this film, she is adorable and has the best 60's wardrobe. Walter and Ingrid arn't too bad either... 

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The Nubian Ibex said...

Goldie is and has always been gorgeous. I just find it so amazing that she had the opportunity to be work with those 2 greats. I mean honestly she had a chance to play with the golden age. Too bad today its not that special. Not unless its meryl streep or viola davis. But then again, anything over the age of 12 these days is considered ancient.