Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Movie Star's Best Friend

Three months ago today my family's dog, Abigail, went to doggie heaven. She is very much missed despite the company of the other two remaining dogs that still live with my parents. So in honor of my canine sister, let's take a look at some other furry friends and their movie star parents.

James Cagney

Grace Kelly

Olivia deHavilland

Humphrey Bogart

Carole Lombard

Douglas Fairbanks

Joan Crawford

Gene Tierney

Natalie Wood

Jimmy Stewart

Lucille Ball

Gloria Swanson

Pola Negri

For Miss Abigail

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monty said...

What wonderful photos Emily. And so many. Sorry to hear about the recent passing of Abigail. Dawn recently lost her dog too. She just got a new one, a beagle named Winslow. She posted a pic of him today at Noir & Chick FLicks. As a matter of fact we have a day called Pawsome Pet Pictures where we post pics of stars with animals much like your post today. We do it every Wednesday. I love this post of yours, so many different stars and different dogs. You know I especially loved my girl Carole with her two dogs. And nice photo of Abigail as well. Thanks for sharing Emily.