Monday, April 25, 2011

Think Pink!

In 1957 a fabulous picture named "Funny Face" was born.

Directed by one of my faves, Stanley Donen, we meet Fred who plays Dick (based on Mr. Richard Avedon), a photographer who is sick of snapping away at stupid models. He works for THE fashion magazine, 'Quality'. Our little picture opens with a fabulous array of style, thanks to Mr. Avedon, and takes us right in to the Quality Magazine office where we meet Maggie a la The Devil Wears Prada circa 1950's.

Two toned eye shadow. *gush*

The season is dead until Maggie thinks up the latest trend. Pink! Immediately we are swirled in to a wonderful montage of pink fashion that is to die for.

After the office is up to speed with the latest and greatest, they decide they need a funny fresh face for their latest rag. Dick decides to shoot at a book store to make the model, played by the lovely Dovima, the hottest real life super model of the 50's, seem smarter. Cue in Audrey...

Audrey works at the shop and is in some serious need for a make over. They kick her out and get to work. Audrey is furious until Dick gives her a smooch and Audrey realizes there is more to life than imperialism.

BTW how weird is the name of this book store!

After some teeth pulling, Maggie and Dick talk Audrey into being a  fashion model and they whisk her away to Paris. They are stoked because they have their newest model, Audrey is jazzed because she wants to go and visit her favorite professor of imperialism. Snooze....

My parents are leaving for Paris this week. I asked my dad if they are going to the Eiffel Tower if he was planing on raising his arms and singing, "Bonjour Paris!" He said no. Clearly not a film nerd. Dick takes Audrey on a photo shoot around town, and the pictures are phenomenal.

The dog in this shoot is Audrey's real dog, 'Famous'.

Along the way, Audrey meets up with her professor friend and does her famous beatnik dance in the swanky Parisian bar.

When ever I can't figure out what to wear, I always resort to this look, but Audrey does it best. Dick gets mad at her because she is a no show to work, and Audrey decides she is in love with him.

Later on, Audrey realizes her professor is a perv and after Dick and Maggie try to rescue her, it is time for her big debut. She is  not an ugly duckling anymore but a bird of paradise. Dick  decides to ditch her and heads for the airport once he realizes he wants Audrey too, but he thinks she is still into the professor. Audrey chases after him and they meet at an old photo shoot location for the finale.

Audrey could not be more stunning. This film was shot in Paris during bad weather, but it hardly matters because this film is so adorable. It was nominated for 4 Oscars including Head and Givenchy naturally.


Becky said...

Love it. Love all the pink. I've actually seen this one, by the way.

Smiling Sailor said...

Love this one! Is that the model Dovima in the bottom picture?

Emily said...

Hurray for Becky! And yes, that is Dovima.

Anonymous said...

Love it. I am anal but instead of
"visit her favorite professor of imperialism"
it was professor of empathicalism.