Monday, May 2, 2011

"The Apartment"

One of my favorite films is "The Apartment" with the adorable Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine.

Jack works here.

And this is how he feels about it. 

He wants to get higher in the company so he lets all the execs use his apartment for some hanky panky with their mistresses. Jack hates this because on most nights he has to sleep outside but he can't say no. 

Then he meets Fran (Shirley) the cute elevator gal and is smitten.

He wants her but little does he know Fran is playing doctor with his boss at his apartment! Jack finally gets that promotion but is sad when he learns through a left behind item that Fran is a mistress.

Fran is bummed because the boss (Fred MacMurray) doesn't want her for keeps and in the apartment she decides to off herself. She takes some pills and gets in bed to die.

Jack comes home and finds her and with his neighbor's help they save her and nurse her back to health. Jack realizes she has issues but still is crazy about her. Fran is just depressed.

The coat in this famous scene that Shirley is wearing actually belonged to director Billy Wilder's wife.

While she is recuperating, Fran realizes she likes Jack too, but still has feelings for Fred even though he does nothing for her when he learns about her night. 

Jack must decided what is most important to him, his new big wig job or the elevator girl. Fran must decide if she wants to be a mistress or a girl friend.

I love this film because I think Jack and Shirley are so wonderful together. They were both so new in their careers. I love the scene when Jack is totally infatuated with Fran and so excited that she is in his apartment and makes her spaghetti with a tennis racket.


wacky tacky said...

We grew up watching Fred MacMurray in all the Disney films. I love seeing him play a scumbag! Shirley used to be so cute - watch her in "What a Way to Go."

monty said...

I love this movie. Great choice Emily. And I have to say I love the way you describe the movie in between the photos. I've never seen it done like that. It's different and very cool. Guess it's your signature style would be a good way to put it. It's a more personal feeling that just a regular review. I love it. Oh and I was wondering if would you like to join me, Desiree, and John Parker (Mythical Monkey) as the fourth member to do my Classic Movie Goddess Tourney next March. I did the first one this year myself but the next one will be twice as big. I didn't have your email so this was the only way I could ask you here on your blog. Just let me know at my Thanks. Keep up the great work on your blog. I love it.

Alex said...

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Anonymous said...

Just discovered this movie, it is fantastic. "Shut up and deal". Love it!

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