Thursday, May 5, 2011

"The Broadway Melody"

 Last night my bestie Jill came over and we did our usual of sushi and movie. We threw on the 1929 film "The Broadway Melody". This picture was the first talkie for MGM.

When watching movies with friends you always get a laugh out of things you wouldn't normally notice. Jill mentioned how all the characters talked in each others faces, probably because it was a new sound film and they were sharing microphones. We also picked up on some inappropriate sister love...

Hank and Queenie are sisters who perform in Vaudeville. They saved up their money and came to New York to make it big. There is a great aerial shot of NY from the late 20's.

"Sister love" alert #1 they are always cuddling.

They have no money but can still support their fine clothes and fur habits. Hank has a beau, Eddie, who has the ins at the local Broadway theater and says he can get them a gig.

"Sister love" alert #2 they help each other bathe.

They do their audition but they only want Queenie. This is easy to predict because every two minutes someone tells her she is beautiful. Queenie makes a deal so both sisters can perform.

Hank has a temper and is always getting in fights. Queenie gets asked out by socialite Jock. He is no good for her but wants him anyways. Eddie doesn't like this and tells her he might give her a ring on the phone but he will never give her a ring on her finger! 

Then he starts to have a thing for Queenie.
But the show must go on, and it does with amazing art deco sets and over the top 20's costumes.

"Sister love" alert #3 they always dance smashed against each other.

Queenie, Hank, and Eddie get into a big blow out over Jock and Queenie storms out to go to a party after knocking Hank to the floor.

 Queenie realizes at the party what a sap Jock is and Eddie  professes his love for her. Hank apparently has no problem with her boyfriend wanting to date her sister and encourages him to go after her. 

In the end, Hank finds a new act.  

Queenie and Eddie are happy.

And the sisters are free to show their feelings. 

This was a cute movie but has many funny moments that didn't make sense. It was one of those films where you realize how far motion pictures have come. Someone thought it was pretty good because it won best picture at the Oscars making it the first sound film to do so.


wacky tacky said...

You know I LOVE old movies but aside from a few good moments I did not get this one at all.

Emily said...

I am with you on that, it was a little strange, but the amazing costumes and hats and finger waves and sets made it all cute in the end. But what is with the lesbo action!?

monty said...

Once you said sister love Emily, that's all I saw in the photos you posted. Seems quite a bit of lesbian action even for a pre-code film. I haven't seen this one, but I have seen some of the other Broadway Melody films. I am curious to see this one now. Not just for the lesbo stuff, but to complete the series. Who am I kidding, I want to see how much they got away with in 1929. And they're sisters right? Ewwww! Great post as usual Emily.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad my tofu got in the picture lol!!
Yes, this one had some strange characters!!! The dressing room is a great set though! -Jill