Friday, May 6, 2011

"The Conquering Power"

I am not much of a silent film fan. I try really hard but I always want to fall asleep when I watch them. I think it is the soothing music that gets me. I did however manage to stay awake for a great Valentino film, "The Conquering Power".

Rudy plays a rich heir who likes to party. 

His father tells him to go visit his estranged uncle. He gives Rudy a gift, photos of Rudy's momma and dad on their wedding day. Rudy sets off. When he gets there, he meets his Aunt and Uncle. He also meets the maid and his very attractive cousin named Eugenie (played by Alice Terry). 

Eugine's dad has been giving her gold on each birthday and she has created quite a collection. Many men are trying to gold dig and make her their wives, but she isn't into it. Rudy learns that his father was badly in debt and has killed himself. He is very sad but Eugenie is comforting. Rudy's Uncle seems like a nice guy but you quickly learn he is obsessed with gold and tries to screw over Rudy and his possible fortunes. 

Eugenie and Rudy fall in love (remember, they are cousins, eww) and Uncle does not approve. He tries to get rid of Rudy but before he does, Eugenie gives him all her gold to help him start anew.

Uncle tries to cut the ties by telling Rudy by letter that he is arranging a marriage for his daughter and Rudy is super bummed. He decides to not write her back. Years go by and some people die, some people go crazy, but Eugenie still loves Rudy. In the end, we learn that patience is key and good people get what they deserve in the end.

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