Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Desk Set"

OK, so there has been a lot of Katharine Hepburn films blogged about on here lately, but can you blame me? She is fabulous! An none is more fabulous that on of my favorite films ever, 1957's "Desk Set".

We meet Mr. Sumner (Spencer) who is here to speak to head honcho of the TV network about a secret project going on in the research department (aka the Internet of the 50's). 

Mr. Sumner tells Mr. Boss that he is going to need to research the research department for a few weeks to help him with his machine, a new thing called a "computer" that helps find information without opening a book. He gets the OK and is told to look for Miss Bunny Watson, who is in charge.

How amazing is this set!

Next we meet Bunny (Katharine) and the girls and see them in action. Answering phones stylishly, recalling makes you want to work in this office, especially since they have tons of fun too. Mr. Sumner comes in to investigate and immediately rumors swirl, leaving the whole office worried about being fired.

Before too long we learn that Bunny has been dating higher up Mike for many, many years without a proposal, and Bunny is dying to be asked. She buys a green dress for a dance and is stoked until Mike flakes on her due to work.

Over time, Bunny and Mr. Sumner become friends and have the cutest scene in the movie eating lunch on the roof during winter.

Christmas comes and the girls are still not sure why Mr. Sumner is there. They put up the aluminum tree, party hard, and exchange gifts. 

Mike gets a little jealous that his long awaiting girlfriend has been spending so much time at work with Mr. Sumner. He must fly out of town but returns when his flight is canceled to find Bunny and Mr. Sumner cozy at her apartment eating dinner!

Mike storms out and Bunny starts to think if dating him is such a swell idea. After Christmas, the buzz around work is that everyone is going to get fired, and the new "computer" is installed. It works pretty well but a new assistant has come and she has a huge stick up her ass.

The contest of man vs. the machine comes in to play and the girls are doing their best to keep their jobs. Pink slips come, but there is a twist, and Bunny finally gets a marriage proposal from Mike. But is it what she wants? What about Mr. Sumner? What about her job? The ending is adorable, as is the rest of the film.

Nora Ephron's (of Sleepless In Seattle fame, and others) parents wrote and produced this film. It is defiantly one to own. The sets, the costumes, the superb acting. This was the first color film for Kat and Spence, and their 8th out of 9 films they would do together before his death ten years later.


Smiling Sailor said...

I want to live in this movie - or this blog post! Definately one of my Top 5 movies. The dinner scene is the best :)

Emily Emerac said...

My favorite movie! Every scene is perfect, but the Christmas party is the best. Drinking, dancing, giggling about the "Mexican Avenue bus"! This is my dream job!

Emily said...

"My philodendron? What about my philodendron?" I literally watch this film over and over. I love the mexican avenue bus! Emily, I am jealous, why didn't I think of the call name "Emily Emerac"? Nice work!