Monday, May 2, 2011


I am not a western fan. I don't like the desert, cowboy hats, or John Wayne. But being that I just made a trip to the Hoover Dam, I figured I would watch a film that had the Hoover Dam in the setting. It was very fun to see this landmark from 1946 when I was just there last week.

Roy plays Roy (as so that nobody gets confused) who is a ranger and watches his turf around the Hoover Dam (It is called the Boulder Dam in this picture, guess Hollywood didn't like our 31st president). He stops his buddy Gabby from putting posters up of the upcoming Heldorado Frontier Days festivities.

Later in town he meets what he thinks is the coat check girl, but is really Carol, the town's "Heldorado Queen" and B celebrity. She is getting cheeky with Alec, a con man and playboy whom is supposed to be loaded. 

During the big dinner setting off the Frontier Days, which  involves a giant merry-go-round horse as the centerpiece, Carol is made honorary sheriff. She excepts.

At the same time, the FBI is worried that someone is using counterfeit money while gambling and ask Roy to get to the bottom of it. They learn it is Carol's beau, Alec, and he has some other bad guys helping him out.

Roy finds the bad guys and chases them down before going to a rodeo to show off his skills.

Before you know it, Alec is dead, and Carol starts taking her sheriff duties seriously and investigates while Roy fumes in the background. Speaking of backgrounds, this scene has the best.

The Heldorado fun begins and the bad guys decide to get more dirty money from the baggage check. First comes the parade, then Roy ties guys up, then Carol heads to the baggage claim to catch the bad guys. 

A fight breaks out and they lock Carol in a refrigerator. Roy comes to save the day and they fight while tearing up the place.

They catch the bad guys and retrieve the money. Hurray!

I wish there were more oldies with the Hoover Dam in them because it is such a sight to see!

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