Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mack's Beauties

Once upon a time ladies would parade around in bathing suits with confidence and were not worried about being too short, too fat, blah, blah... Mack Sennett created the 'Sennett Bathing Beauties' which included cute girls sporting the latest trends and giving the boys in WWI something to smile about.

These pin ups pranced around at the beach, in inner tubes, on rocks, and with each other. 

Love this suit, but not too sure about the heels in the sand look.

Mack knew the hotties when he saw them and hired such beauties as Claire Anderson, Juanita Hansen, Phyllis Haver, Marie Prevost, Mabel Normand, and Gloria Swanson.

Mack knew sex sells.

I would totally rock one of these bathing suits, although I am confused on the purpose of the socks and lace up booties. Tide pools maybe?

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Page said...

I'm glad you did a post on Mack Sennett beauties.
This was a lot of fun and the photos are so adorable.