Monday, May 16, 2011

"Stage Door"

I was super excited to watch this picture. Ginger Rogers, Katharine Hepburn, and Lucille Ball all together in one film. Oh what fun!

We fade in to the theater boarding house, "The Footlights Club". It resembles an episode of America's Next Top Model. Girls are arguing, accusing each other of stealing, talking over one another and pissing each other off. We learn that these girls work hard trying to land theater gigs, but have very little luck, and not much dough either.

In walks Terry, aka Katharine Hepburn. She's rich and very optimistic. Instantly the girls are caddy as Terry asks for a room and puts fifty bucks out as a down payment. She is roomed with witty Jean, Miss Ginger Rogers. They instantly don't care for each other.

Terry is jazzed that she gets to live in a poor house with "atmosphere" and Jean is just annoyed she has a roomie. They talk in bed while wearing shades because of the giant blinking sign out their window.

Notice Jean's creepy doll.

As Terry and Jean slowly become friends, we meet Kay, the best actress in the house who can't get a job and is in some serious need for some Zoloft. She really, really wants the roll in the new play being put on by womanizer and theater head Mr. Powell. He is busy "taking care" of another lady in the house, but spots Jean when rehearsing. 

Ann Miller lied about her age to work on this film. Here she is at 14 and is defiantly keeping up with Ginger! 

Jean is not interested, but realizes she wants him after he persuades her to go out. Lucille Ball keeps dating losers so she can get a good dinner away from the Footlights Club.

Terry meets with her rich dad who tries to talk her out of all this theater nonsense. She wants to do it with or without him. He wants her to fail so she will come home. (Way to be supportive!) Kay has a chance to read for a role but Mr. Powell cancels on her. He has moved on to Terry as his latest fling and she just wants a part in the theater.

She gets the roll which makes Kay go nuts. They throw her a birthday party, but she is so sad she does a 'Norma Desmond' like act up the stairs and looses it.

Look at those crazy eyes!

 Terry is upset about Kay but the show must go on and she gets ready for opening night.

The show is a success and we see just how great an actress Terry is (and Katharine). This film is so cute. The costumes are adorable thanks to first time costume designer, Muriel King. 

There is some cute dance numbers and the girls really work well together. Lucille Ball considered this her big break film and Katharine Hepburn was just glad nobody mentioned "box office poison" during production. Her role was made bigger because she was so good and she also got top billing with Ginger.

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Rachel said...

This is one of my favorites. One of the best female casts assembled ever.