Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Take Me Out To The Ball Game"

I love Gene Kelly, I really like Esther Williams, I can tolerate Frank Sinatra, but overall, I was mildly impressed with this film starring all three.

Gene and Frank are on a Vaudeville act when baseball season starts. Being that they are multi talented, they ditch the stage and head for the field.

There is a new manager in town, and everyone thinks it is a male, until Ms. Williams shows up! Gene makes a move on her and disses the boss(little does he know his boss is right in front of him!) They get off on the wrong foot, but Frank is in love.

The boys realize that Esther is a slice when she is swimming in the pool one night. The season begins and Frank gets a cleat chaser named Shirley (Betty Garrett). 

Could Frank's waist be any smaller?

We meet some men who are gambling on Gene's team to loose so they trick Gene by offering him a gig at their new club. Only problem is he will have to sneak out at night and work some dance numbers. He agrees but his performance on the field starts to suffer, right before the pennant race!

Gene and Esther make amends and fall for each other once Frank decides he wants his stalker. 

This film was OK. I love to watch Gene sing and dance, so that was a plus, but overall, the film was bland.


It's Very Dark Here... said...

frank sinatra just has never done it for me..singing or otherwise ...ugh..and thin as a damn rail. lol

Emily said...

I totally agree. He needs a sandwich!