Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Best Dressed

Edith Head's fabulous design for Dorothy Lamour's outfit in
 "The Road To Bali", 1952.


Mike Ritter said...

This is awesome ... I'm a big "Road" picture fan. Always loved Edith Head's costumes for Lamour, especially in "Road to Morocco" and "Road to Bali." This is very cool to see one of Head's original sketches from the series. Thanks for posting this. (BTW, "Road" series geek detail: "The Road to Hong Kong" is the only one with the word "The" in the title.) :-)

Emily said...

Ohh, I haven't seen that, I am going to add "THE Road to Hong Kong" right away. I love how you have taken oldie film nerd to a new level. Own it!