Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Closer Look At...

George Cukor

10 Facts:

1. Born to Hungarian Jewish immigrants who did not practice Judaism.

2. First job was an assistant stage manager on Broadway.

3. Moved West, signed to Paramount, and agreed to not be credited for 6 months.

4. Started Katharine Hepburn's career.

5.Directed hits such as "A Star Is Born", "My Fair Lady", "The Women", "The Philadelphia Story", and "Adam's Rib".

6. Worked on "The Wizard of Oz" for one week, removing Judy's blond wig and changing the witch's makeup.

7. Joined the Signal Corps at age 43 to make instructional films for the troops.

8.Worked on last film with Maggie Smith at the age of 82.

9. Died in 1983.

10. Was quoted as saying, "You can't have any success unless you can accept failure." 

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Katie Dickerson said...

He was the first director on Gone With the Wind too before he was replaced. Vivien Leigh continued to meet with him in private so he could coach her. He's the best!