Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Dancing Lady"

I love this film! Starring Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Franchot Tone, and pretty much everyone else in Hollywood.

Joan is a sexy dancer working in a sexy nightclub when the cops bust in. Joan is arrested and sent to jail for being sexy.

Franchot is rich and thinks she should be his gal so he bails her out, buys her din din, and gives her advice how to be classy. Joan isn't too interested, she just wants to get a new dancing gig. Clark is the theater director and Joan tries to get a meeting with him and stalks him until she does.

Strings are pulled and with some help from Franchot, she gets the job. She is at dance rehearsal in the day time and goes out with richy rich at night. But does Joan really like him? What about hottie Clark?

Franchot takes Joan swimming and makes her a deal. If the dancing thing doesn't work out, she will marry him. Joan agrees. Joan dances so much she gets too tired. Clark is there to help her out and the sparks fly.

Yes, that is fringe and a scarf on her bathing suit. The rich sure know how to spice up a boring one piece!

The big wigs end up cancelling the show and Joan realizes she must marry Franchot. Clark is mad. He goes on a boozer before he realizes he should hock everything he has and produce it himself. Mad at Joan, he hires a boring girl for the lead.

Yup, they are in this film too. Everyone is!

Joan finds out Franchot had the play shut down so he could get her to marry him and Joan is pissed. She searches for Clark to get her old job back. The show goes on...

Yup, Fred Astaire too! This was technically his first film.

In the end, the theater love birds get together. Ahhhh.... 

This film is so cute. I love watching Joan dance and Clark is so handsome. He and Joan had affairs off and on throughout their careers. I think this is a swell film that everyone needs to check out if they haven't already!


wacky tacky said...

I've never seen this one. I can't wait to watch it!

Emily said...

You will like it Mr. Tiny! Three great actors with dancing! Let me know what you think!