Monday, June 20, 2011

"Holiday" on Father's Day

For Father's day, my dad wanted Bob's Big Boy take out and a movie. His choice? "Holiday" with Cary Grant and Kat Hepburn.

Cary is back from a trip up north and is going to visit his new honey he met while on vay cay. He arrives at the huge estate in New York and thinks she works as a maid.

After almost getting lost, Cary meets up with his rich gal and then meets "black sheep" sister, Katharine. They hit it off right away and Kat approves of her dear sister's choice in men. 

My mom said that one sister had a cone on her head and the other a plate. Haha.

Cary soon learns father is uptight and that he must change his tie and be ready to meet his future father-in-law. Fiancee Julia tells him in church of their plans to wed so that he couldn't yell at her. Finally the group is all together. 

Brother Ted shows up who also likes Cary and is a fan of the bottle. Katharine introduces Cary to her favorite room in the house, the play room, where there are no stiff rules and lots of fun toys. 

Father agrees to the wedding and Katharine is dying to party plan. She wants a fun night up in the play room without the rich people. Julia opts for a formal party where father can introduce the couple to the socialites and money. 

The night of the party, Kat holds up in the play room while the "important people" are down stairs. Cary's good friends find their way up to Katharine's shindig and all have a merry time. 

Father and Julia get mad that they are spending time with the ordinary folk and insist that Cary and Kat join the uptight crowd. Cary shares with Kat how he has been working since he was 10 and wants to take a lot of time off and go on a holiday while he is still young. Kat and brother Ned are very supportive. But what about Julie and father?

Julia finds out about Cary's plan and is angry. She wants him to marry and go work for father. Cary wishes she would be supportive like sister and brother. Meanwhile, Kat shares with Ned that she has the hots for Cary. 

Cary must decide if he wants to please Julia and take the desk job or if he should screw it all and take his earned trip. Katharine must realize that she should try and do something that makes her happy. I love the scenes where Cary does a flip. He does this when he feels stressed. 

This movie is funny and clever and I love Cary and Kat together. This was the 3rd film out of 4 that they would do together. 


Mythical Monkey said...

This is actually my favorite Katharine Hepburn performance -- which is saying something!

FionaAlanna said...

I love this movie! Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant were amazing, which is to be expected. But still!

wacky tacky said...

I heartily agree! This is not my favorite Kate movie (Adam's Rib) but it is her best performance! She is natural, unaffected and wonderfully vulnerable. Cary, as always, is amazing!

monty said...

A most excellent Father's day Emily. Sounds like you guys had a great time.