Thursday, June 23, 2011

"It Should Happen To You"

In this cute film, Judy Holliday is at her best just coming off of "Born Yesterday". This film also marks the film debut for Jack Lemmon.

Pete (Jack) meets Gladys Glover (Judy) in the park one day. He is making a documentary film, and she is down in the dumps because she hasn't made a name for herself yet.

Gladys gets the idea to rent a huge sign in Lincoln Circle with her name on it. She splurges all her dough for a three month rental. She even scolds the painters when they goof up on her name!

Ad man Evan (Peter Lawford) wants the space for his soap ads and tries to talk Gladys out of it. She won't budge. Pete ends up moving into Gladys' apartment and they start dating, although he isn't to keen on her sign idea.

Gladys finds herself dating both men while one just wants her for her ad space. Pete falls hard for her, but all she can think about is her sign. People start to know her name and she gets some modeling gigs.

After the three months, Gladys must choose between her boyfriend who cares about her, her boyfriend who is a player, and her new found fame.

I think this film is kitschy and cute and showcases Judy and Jack for the talented actors that they are.

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wacky tacky said...

Oh Judy, how do I love thee.....