Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time For A Ride

It is defiantly bicycle weather, so here are some of our favorite oldies having fun. Let this inspire you to hop on a bike and take a spin around the neighborhood.

Ava Gardner in the perfect bike riding outfit.

Ginger Rogers and her hat.

Bogie riding with ease.

Betty Grable socializing.

Don Ameche in next to nothing (and perfect hair).

Grace Kelly barefoot and chic.

Rita Hayworth with an awesome ride.

Alan Ladd showing off his tricks.

Nancy Carroll without a plus one.

Audrey and Famous. (I want a name sign for my bike!)

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monty said...

Creative post Emily. Loved it! Sorry I haven't been by here as much. Because of Blogger's frequent problems with letting people comment and my actor tournament..just didn't have time. But I'm back. Expect me to visit more now that I have worked out the comment problem. Have a great day Emily.