Monday, July 18, 2011

"Bathing Beauty"

In one of Esther Williams funnest roles comes 1944's "Bathing Beauty" with Red Skelton.

Red plays Steve, a composer who's boss is pressuring him for a new score. He sees Caroline (Esther) and is head over heels.

The two decide to marry. Ahhh...

Steve's boss George doesn't like the look of this and hires his sassy friend to break up the wedding ceremony.

She makes it seem like Steve is already married with three little red headed children. Caroline is crushed and storms out. She heads back to Jersey to work at the women's only college. Red chases after her.

Steve finds a loop hole and enrolls in the college while the board, including Caroline, try to get him expelled. But this backfires when he exceeds their expectations!

There is a funny scene where Steve is taking ballet class and runs around in a tutu.

Steve tries endlessly to see Caroline who is angry at him. At one point he is locked in a closet full of Caroline's clothes with a watch dog and he must find a way to escape.

In the end there is a fabulous water show that is captivating and colorful. 

This is one of Esther's first films and was number three at the box office. It is funny and cute and the conclusion of this film is like candy for your little oldie film eyes.

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