Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Designing Woman"

During a break from my 'Esther-a-thon" I had a chance to watch one of my faves, "Designing Woman" starring the ever wonderful Gregory Peck and my favorite actress of all time, Ms. Bacall.

Lauren meets Greg in California after a drunken night. Both New Yorkers, she is a fab fashion designer, he is a sports news man. They fall in love and get hitched after a week.

If my hair could hold a curl (or a wave for that matter), I would pull off this look!

When they get home, Lauren checks out Greg's "shoebox" apartment and decides they are living in her "chic" one. We learn Greg is in some hot water with some mob fellas who he is writing about and used to have a lady friend before he went to California!

Greg hiding the "lady friend" evidence.

Greg's lady friend is no stranger, and he lets her know during lunch the current situation. She kindly throws lunch in his lap. Lauren gets suspicious and Greg meets her 'artsy' friends.

Greg tries to get to know Lauren a bit more and attends her fashion show, which is a great scene in the film. The honeymoon is quickly over though as the two realize they have little in common other than each other. Greg gets into more trouble when the mobster fellas are after him and he has to hide out, which isn't helping his marriage.

Greg learns he needs to be honest with Lauren when she discovers the truth with his old flame and Lauren sees the trouble Greg is really in. In the end, they learn that opposites attract.

This film has gorgeous costumes by Helen Rose. This film is cute and entertaining as Lauren and Greg are great together. Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly were supposed to take the roles in the beginning, but after Grace stepped out once she became a princess, Jimmy decided he wasn't interested in the part, which he later said he regretted. I mean, come on, who wouldn't want to work with Lauren!


didi said...

I adore Lauren Bacall, what a beauty. I must watch this....

Emily said...

Lauren is my absoulte fav! And this film is very cute. I hope you can watch it soon, and then let me know what you think!