Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Snap Shot

Long before the Polaroid there was celluloid and fashion designers and directors wanted to be on the same page as far as outfits. Before the scene could be shot the perfect threads needed to be chosen, and many photographs taken to make sure...

Lucille Ball in "The Dark Corner", 1946.

Elizabeth Taylor, "National Velvet", 1944.

Lauren Bacall Hair Test Shot, "To Have And Have Not", 1944.

James Dean (ready to go home)"Giant", 1956.

Judy Garland, "Little Nellie Kelly", 1940.

Elvis Presley, "Flaming Star", 1956.

Say, "Cheese!"


Irene Palfy said...

Ok: "Cheese!"

Irene Palfy, "And then they start to sparkle", 2011 - jeans, shirt and messy hair - no shoes.. but a cat running through the photo..

VP81955 said...

The date is wrong for "Flaming Star," which came out in the early sixties (1961?). You may have confused it with Presley's first picture, "Love Me Tender," which was also a western of sorts.

Emily said...

You're right! "Love Me Tender" came out in 1956. "Flaming Star" came out in 1960, which I clearly made a goof on and labeled as the incorrect date. I should have double checked. But thanks for the correction.