Thursday, July 7, 2011

"My Favorite Wife" And My Least Favorite Bug

Last night I made some breakfast for din din and sat down to watch my Hollywood boyfriend in "My Favorite Wife" with Irene Dunne.

Cary plays Nicky, a lawyer with a new bride. He goes to court to marry but first needs to clear up some business. Nicky's first wife Ellen was killed seven years back from a shipwreck. Nicky and the kids (whom where twin babies when their momma died) are ready to move on.

While dad and new mom are on honeymoon, Ellen (Irene) returns and tells mother-in-law how she was stranded on an island but is back. Ellen learns her man married someone else that very morning and are staying at the same hotel they once did.

Nicky finally sees his old bride after some confusion in the elevator. Ellen plays with him a bit sending them champagne before he can get downstairs to believe his eyes.

Nicky is confused. He loves his wife but thought she was dead, like, really dead, but he also has a new bride. He gets her a hotel room so they can talk.

Nicky is going to tell his new gal but he chickens out and tries to trick her. He avoids her and calls her from the payphone pretending to be on a plane. She doesn't buy it.

It was right about this time when I saw a giant cockroach crawling above the doorway. I screamed bloody murder as it flew over me landing on the window. I booked it out of the room and closed all the doors. I called my dad and asked him to come save me. After some searching, we found it and my brave dad killed the monster. Thanks Dad!

After assuring myself the dead cockroach had not brought a friend I went back in to finish the flick. Irene goes home and tries to build a relationship with the kiddies before telling them who she is. When Nicky returns, he brings his new wife and Ellen is mad he hasn't told her yet! Ellen pretends to be an old southern friend.

Nicky then learns that Ellen was not alone on the island! His jealousy soars as he gets mad at Ellen as she says, "Well Nicky, it wasn't like it was arranged." He wants to meet this suitor and to spare her of more arguments, she gets an "unattractive" man to play the part.

Nicky buys it until during a poolside lunch they run into the real man.(Strapping Randolph Scott).

Cary is jealous and mad and angers Ellen as she gets thrown into the pool. Resting in a room until her clothes are dry, Ellen asks Nicky to go get her more clothes. He isn't about to let her and island boy be alone any longer and makes him tag along.

Back at the house, Nicky's current wife is convinced her man has gone mad and hires a doctor. Nicky tries to convince them what is going on but they think he is crazy, that is until he gets arrested for bigamy! The four of them end up in the courtroom.

Ellen's island man wants to have a go at it, but Ellen still wants her husband. She wants him to pay for his behavior first and plays hard to get. 

The children learn their mother's identity and they all head for the mountains. Nicky wants Ellen but she tells him to take a 2 month vay cay that would end around Christmas. They they can think things over. Nicky decides to progress things...

After a laugh, the two decide on their future.

Irene and Cary are a great match. This was the second out of three films they would do together. 

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monty said...

I am so sorry that I missed this post by you Emily. My Favorite Wife is my favorite film that Cary and Irene did. I just love it. And love your post about it. Awesome!