Monday, August 1, 2011

Breakin The Law

As modern day actors prove, sometimes you get into a little trouble. Our favorite film oldies are no exception. Except back then, you didn't usually become more popular when you where naughty. Let's take a look...

Mae West in court for being too "sexy".

Fatty Arbuckle in a heap of trouble after a night at the St. Francis.

Robert Mitchum enjoying a fantastic cup of coffee.

Steve McQueen in his remorseful mug shot.

Lana in a frenzy while on the stand after her boyfriend's murder.

Frank Sinatra not enjoying him self.


KC said...

Wow--that pic of Lana Turner looks like it's from a movie. I'm sure she was giving the performance of her life.

Emily said...

Pretty interesting story once I started reading up on it. Guess her scumbag beau was killed by Lana's daughter after he threatened them both. As you can see Lana got a little flustered on the stand giving her details. Drama on and off the silver screen, love it!