Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Catching Some Zzzzzzzzs

After a long day of work, most actresses want to take a nice, long snooze in bed.

Ann Sothern hitting the hay.

 Audrey with the perfect bedtime hair, naturally.

Ava Gardner with satin sheets.

Betty Grable all dolled up for sleepy time. Take off your shoes, Betty!

Hedy Lamarr looking tired.

Joan Collins and her giant pillow.

Elizabeth Taylor ready to count sheep.

Mae West...yeah, that is her bed. Did you expect anything less?

Marilyn Monroe waiting for Mr. Sandman

Olivia deHavilland all cozy.

Vivien Leigh reading before bedtime.

Nighty night!


Audrey said...

Gorgeous photos!

monty said...

What a stunning roster of beauties you chose Emily. Awesome post!