Monday, August 15, 2011

"Dangerous When Wet"

I have no idea why this cute film is titled "Dangerous When Wet". There is nothing dangerous about it! Esther Williams starts in another adorable swimming film with Fernando Lamas, Jack Carson and one of my faves, Charlotte Greenwood.

Esther plays Katie, a gal who lives on a farm with a very active family. They love to exercises and swim every day, all while singing. (Is there any other way?)

One day Katie meets salesman, Windy (Jack Carson). He sees a babe and she sees an annoyance. Windy sells a fab vitamin tonic called "Liquapep" and gets Katie and the fam agree to all swim the English Channel for "Liquapep" and win some moo la. Katie agrees.

Love the suit! But the hat?
 Just your typical family...

After some heavy travel, and serious training, Katie is distracted when she meets French hottie Andre. They meet in peculiar settings and quickly fancy each other. But Katie needs to focus!

One of the scenes most recognized from this film involves a little help from Tom and Jerry. Katie takes a snooze and has a delightful dream with the cartoon friends.

The race is coming soon but first Katie plays a day of hookie with new flame Andre.

This scene has inspired me to powder coat my lawn set yellow.

The race begins and Katie is getting tired quick. Will she finish the race? Will Andre be there for her?

This film has great technicolor that adds to the film. Look for the cute performance by Denise Darcel as French swimmer Gigi. 

Over all, one of my favorite Esther films so far!

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