Sunday, August 21, 2011


Thanks to Meredith, Flick Chick, and Monty for my first award, the  Awesome Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award! Yes, I added Awesome to it. Now if only I could have it handed to me in bed while I am "sick".

So, according to the rules, here are some fun facts about moi.

1. I have been sewing since I was 12 years old. 

2.I have a strong fascination with Howard Hughes and was over the moon when I got to see the Spruce Goose in person.

3.I very much dislike Marilyn Monroe and see no reason why she is so iconic.

4. I got engaged a few months ago and can't wait until my 1940's wedding next summer.

5. I am a primary school teacher.

6.I have never seen Casablanca. And for some reason I have no desire to, don't know why.

7. Cary Grant is my Hollywood boyfriend. I never tire of him on the silver screen.

Here are a few blogs who defiantly deserve recognition!

Wacky Tacky

Mr. Tiny is a fantastic writer and makes me laugh out loud. He searches far and wide to report on all things wacky and tacky from playground parks to vintage music. He can also sew better than me which makes him cooler than me.

Tom's Mom's Mom Blog

Ok, ok, so Becky is my friend, but I love her posts about her daily doings with her adorable, and I mean adorable son, Tommy. She tells it like it is and makes non moms actually want to read about moms.

Bette's Movie Blog

This is a great oldie blog that always posts on my favorite films. From Cary to Katharine to Audrey, this blog is like movie eye candy!

Screwball Cinema

Monty and Dawn sure know how to find the best screwball films! This website is full of laughs and great pictures of all the comedic oldies and the actors who were in them.

I found this blog randomly and had to come back to it over and over! Jenn is a teacher (like me) and shows excellent adorable and easy outfit ideas totally perfect for the classroom. She also shops at the same stores I do which makes it very helpful!


Rianna said...

Congrats on winning! :) I SO very much agree with you about Marilyn Monroe. She is completely overrated. And I'm with you on Cary Grant, too ;)

monty said...

Congrats on your award Emily and your upcoming wedding. On behalf of Dawn, thanks for passing it along to us at Screwball Cinema. And if Cary Grant is your Hollywood boyfriend then Carole Lombard is my Hollywood girlfriend. Just saying.