Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Closer Look At...

Butterfly McQueen.

1. Born Thelma, but hated it and got the nickname of "Butterfly" while performing as a dancer. She legally changed her name to Butterfly.

2.Within 5 years acted in "The Women", "Gone With The Wind", and "Mildred Pierce". Not bad!

3. Was mistaken for a thief at the bus station and was roughed up. She ended up suing and winning $60,000.

4.Received a bachelors in political science at the age of 64.

5. Was an atheist.

6. Died at the age of 84 from a house fire when her clothes caught on fire while lighting a heater.

7. Donated her body to science.


Craig Wingard said...

I have loved her in all the films she was in that Ive seen... that is so sad how she passed though. I didn't know this.

Rianna said...

Wow! What interesting information... who knew there was so much more to "Prissy"! I loved learning this, thank you! :)

FlickChick said...

She was completely unique and always makes me smile when I see her.

Flapper Flickers + Silent Stanzas said...

My father shared some college classes with her -- said she was a terrific student with a really great laugh. :)