Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"The Gang's All Here"

If bright colors and fruit are things you enjoy seeing in a picture, then "The Gang's All Here" is your type of film. Looking forward to Charlotte Greenwood and Alice Faye, I was, and still am, unsure weather or not I like this film. It is pretty much a stage show with a few talking scenes in between and a contest to see how many crazy outfits Carmen Miranda can wear in one film. But let's take a closer look.

Andy is a solider and has a long time honey, Vivian. Before shipping out, Andy meets Edie while she is working her gig at the night club. We see the first of many shows starring Carmen Miranda as she parades around with bananas and Brazilian men. Andy follows Edie around and won't leave her alone after she tells him she isn't interested. After a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, she gives in and changes her mind.

"Hello, Mother? I have two girlfriends now!"

"You don't say!"

After a few hours of romance, Edie falls hard. Andy forgets to tell his girlfriend about his new love and ships off to war. Edie is devastated, but the show must go on.

Is that a hat or a scarf?

 Andy's rich father wants to throw a war bond fundraiser when he finds out Andy is coming home after winning some medals. He hires the club to come stay at his partner Potter's (Edward Everett Horton) estate and throw a huge bash. Potter has a stick up his ass and only drinks lemonade and does business. He objects to this swinging party but is talked into it. Potter's daughter also happens to be Andy's girlfriend. Following along?

I'm wearing more color! No, I am!

Vivian rocking the two belt look.

The show gets underway and Edie finds out that her man is also Vivian's man. She is pissed but doesn't tell sweet Vivian. Carmen Miranda (who's name in the film is Dorita, which kept reminding me of Doritos every time they said it) does her best to keep this a secret. Vivian is excited because she gets to be in the show after mother blackmails her hubby into allowing it.

Andy returns home and night gets started. Busby Berkley does his magic and puts on quite a show. 

Before the end, Edie learns the fate of her and Andy. If you like to see Carmen Miranda dressed with as many pieces of jewelry as she can pile on and lots of color, this film is for you. Another bonus is the decent role of Benny Goodman and his orchestra playing themselves, and Charlotte Greenwood is a gem like always.

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