Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's A Jungle Out There

We have all seen the stars with their favorite dog or family pet, but these oldies share time with the wild side...

Gene Tierney and her friend in the same outfit.

James Cagney was a cubs fan.

Dorothy Lamour fighting with her boyfriend.

Donald O'Connor thinks the jokes on him.

Jean Harlow on the lamb.

Only Ann Margret would give her turtle an umbrella!

Joan Blondell and her pal making a fashion statment.

Oh, just Louise Brooks and a koala.

Norma Shearer monkeying around.

Katharine Hepburn bringing up her baby.

Buster Keaton and his sailor friend.

Rudy Valentino, so serious!

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monty said...

Great post Emily. And I must say when I look at Louise Brooks now I see you. Just a little. Awesome pics you chose once again and love all the captions. Dorothy fighting with her boyfriend....classic.