Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Turban Tuesday

Seeing a fabulous old lady in the supermarket the other day wearing a stylish black turban made me wonder. Leave them in the past, or bring back to life? These gals(and boy)make me think that maybe that little old lady was on to something...

Greta matching hers to a satin rope top.

Loretta adding some 'Carmen Miranda' flair.

Sophia making the best at what is most likely a bad hair day.
Louise showing me that I too could make this work.

Joan bedazzling her turban, naturally.

Rudy showing men that turbans(and pearls)aren't just for girls.

Gloria horrified at seeing Valentino stealing her look.

Ann working the errands looking turban-tastic.

What do you think?
(Other than Valentino needs a new stylist)

1 comment:

FlickChick said...

Greta is supreme. I think it was Pola Negri who introduced the turban as Hollywood chic (so maybe Rudy was wearing Pola's after a late night?).