Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"You Were Never Lovelier"

I have never really payed too much attention to Rita Hayworth. I must be crazy right? She is beautiful and can dance, but I guess with all the other big stars that I love, Rita kinda got lost in the shuffle. I have seen "Gilda" and a few other with her as the star, but I think my new favorite Rita film is "You Were Never Lovelier" with Mr. Astaire. I think have a new of-the-moment "it" girl to watch!

I love this font!

Rita plays Maria, daughter of club owner Mr. Grumpy Mr. Acuna. Fred plays Bob, a dancing man looking for some work while down in Argentina. Bob is pals with club band leader Xavier Cugat playing himself. Bob tries to get in to see Mr. Acuna and it is a no go and Mr. Acuna won't see him. Bob, determined to get a job, has Xavier help him in. Still no good. Mr. Acuna is about to marry off his oldest daughter of four.

Being a future bride myself, I got a kick out of the bridesmaid hats and the procession down the staircase before oldest daughter was married off.

Meanwhile, Maria has had it tough with men and has sort of written them off. Younger sisters Cecy and Lita have already found their men, but daddy will only let them marry in order of age, and Maria is next. They are super bummed. 

Mr. Acuna decides to spark some interest in Maria and starts writing her love letters and sending orchids to her as a secret admirer. Maria bites, but who will be her mystery man? 

Bob sneaks in to play a gig hoping to get Mr. Acuna's attention, but it doesn't work, and in the process, insults Maria to his face by saying she has the personality of the inside of a refrigerator! Mr. Acuna declares he hates Bob and never wants to see him around his office.In the process Bob ends up delivering one of the orchids to the house and Maria now thinks he is her cupid!

She tells daddy, and Mr. Acuna is beyond pissed. He makes a deal with Bob by giving him a contract if he talks Maria into thinking Bob is a sap. It doesn't work. (I mean come on, how can Fred Astaire be a sap?) Of course Bob starts to fall for Maria as well.

I want her shoes!

Maria is smitten but doesn't know daddy wrote all those notes and that Bob originally was hired to court, or uncourt, Maria. Mr. Acuna figures out they fancy each other and makes Bob agree to tell Maria he is heading back to the states. Then they decide to throw a party. (By the way, the invite in the film is shown and it says "formal attire" at the bottom. Stay tuned to see what people are wearing!)

At the party, word gets out that Mr. Acuna was writing the letters and Maria is crushed and mad. Bob tries to tell Maria it was his fault and not her fathers, but she storms out. Mr. Acuna is so happy that Bob didn't throw him under the bus that he decides he likes Bob and tells him to go after her.

Bob tries to get Maria back but it isn't working. He decides he must go even further to show Maria he is in love and the end of this film is very cute.

I really liked this picture despite the fact I thought it was creepy that Maria's dad was writing her love letters throughout the whole film. Rita's costumes were beautiful thanks to Irene, and  Gus Shilling, who has a small part as Mr. Acuna's secretary really makes some good laughs. Rita said this was her favorite of all the films she did. I also love films with Xavier Cugat and his band. 


Mr. Tiny said...

So great! Rita is one of my faves because once you get beyond the beauty, she is pretty corny and accessible. "You'll Never Get Rich" and "Cover Girl" are good Rita musicals to check out if you haven't already. Between Rita and Eve Arden, "Cover Girl" has some of the BEST costumes in movies!

Emily said...

Thanks Mr. Tiny! I went to add them to my queue and they were already on. Can't wait to get them!