Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Closer Look At...

...Otto Preminger

1. Born to a wealthy family in Ukraine in 1905.

2.Wanted to be a theater actor, but to get his father's approval, he went to law school first. 

3.Decided to try directing after he started to go bald.

4.Was summoned by Fox to come to American to direct.

5.Taught directing and acting at Yale.

6. Dabbled in acting in roles such as "Stalag 17" and as Mr. Freeze in the 60's series of "Batman".

7. Had an open marriage until his divorce in 1946.

8.Had a long affair with Dorothy Dandridge.

9.Worked on films, "Laura", "Fallen Angel", "Daisy Kenyon" to name a few, and was nominated for two Oscars, 
although never won.

10. Died of cancer in 1986.

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