Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Freaks" 1932

In 1932 MGM did a film showcasing real circus features in a strange but entertaining picture called "Freaks". Hans and Frieda are little people in the show and are married (played by real life siblings Harry and Daisy Earles). Hans falls for a regular sized gal, the trapeze artist, Cleopatra. Cleo flirts back but only as a joke, and Hans forgets he is married. Frieda is devastated. 

Meanwhile, sweet animal tamer, Venus is dumped by mean lion tamer, Hercules, naturally. She is sad and he moves on to Hans' love, Cleo. We also get a look at some of the 'freaks" in the circus.

Venus stars to fancy the clown, Phroso. Cleo finds out Hans has a fortune so Cleo and Hercules devise a plan to get Hans and her hitched, then kill him. Hans tells Frieda he wants Cleo instead. She is heartbroken.

Back at the circus, the bearded lady gives birth, the siamese twins both get engaged and Hans and Cleo marry. But when Cleo kisses real love Hercules in front of Hans, he is pissed!

The "freaks" don't really like Cleo but decide to accept her. They drink wine and chant, "One of us!" Cleo is angry and yells at them, calling them freaks! She will never be one of them! This marriage is doomed from the start!

That night she starts to poison Hans. Little does she know that Hans is on to her and has his "freak" friends ready to get back at her.

In the end, the good people get the good life and the bad people get the..well you know how it goes. Cleo's future is not bright, but you need to watch and see what happens to her in the end. 

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wacky tacky said...

Love, love, love this movie!!! Am I the only one that wishes we still had freak shows? It would give people like me an opportunity at gainful employment.