Sunday, October 23, 2011

She's A Doll

Barbie has come out with a line of Grace Kelly dolls. She's petite, pretty, and wearing the infamous black floral dress that she wore when she met Prince Rainier. If I were a mini oldie nerd, I would much rather play with a classy broad like Grace than the two dollar hooker Barbies that seem to be the standard.


Or this...?

They also created a Grace doll wearing the beautiful blue dress seen in "To Catch A Thief".

I was never a Barbie kid. I got a Malibu Barbie once for my birthday and I think it eventually died somewhere in my backyard where I left it to weather. My bestie Jill had a plethora of Barbies, so I dabbled with hers. But after some Google-ing I got inspired to look further. What other oldie dolls were out there? Maybe if I had some of these when I was a kid, I would have been more interested!

Marlene Dietrich from "Shanghai Express"

Audrey Hepburn with several options from "Funny Face"

Humphrey Bogart: way better than Ken!

Claudette Colbert from "Cleopatra"

Carmen Miranda doll, fruit included.
(Not a mirror image, but it's the thought that counts!)

Another tribute to Audrey this time from "Breakfast At Tiffany's"

Who wouldn't want a replica of Goldie Hawn from "Laugh In"?
(I know, she is from TV land, but it's so fab!)

Just in time for Halloween, it's Tippi Hedren from "The Birds"

Rita Hayworth from "Gilda"

Norma Shearer in "Marie Antoinette"

Ava Gardner looking sexy

Bette Davis looking creepy!

Liz Taylor in a very familiar outfit.


Unknown said...

Love this post! I have a few vintage repro barbies and I love them. Thanks for sharing these that I havent seen!

Mr. Tiny said...

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? I would have to say that one is more than a doll, it is an action figure. I can just see her writing a letter to daddy.

KC said...

The Bette Davis one is scary. I feel like it's going to start talking to me! Funny how the Miranda one looks nothing like her, but it's still obvious who it's supposed to be.