Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tut-Tut, It Looks Like Rain

It's raining in my neck of the woods today. A bit early for a storm I think. After all, it is only the 5th of October. But as I sit here in my Uggs I think how adorable can our favorite oldies make being in the rain look? Let's find out.

Jayne and her pup staying dry.

Ahh Cary. Making rain look so good.

Donald O'Connor, Stanley Donen, and Jean Kelly with their tiny umbrellas.

Charlie Chaplin, wishing he was more prepared.

Errol Flynn thinking no rain will ruin my parade!

No, no Marilyn, the rain is outside.

Buster and an umbrella fail.

Julie Andrews and 7 years bad luck for opening that 
thing up inside.

Stay dry!

1 comment:

monty said...

Once again another great theme for a post Emily. Glad to see Cary in there. And its a small world as my friend Irene over at And then they Start to Sparkle used that pic of Gene, Donald and Stanley on her blog today. Oh and Marilyn looks stunning.