Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What to Wear...

If you are like me, you take Halloween very seriously. I spend a loooong time thinking of what I will be, even though usually it doesn't come to mind until the last minute. I am sure all of us have taken the oldies into consideration before choosing out costume, but here are some ideas if you find yourself stuck...

Do a take on Cleopatra like these gals.

Claudette Colbert, 1934

Elizabeth Taylor, 1963

Theda Bara, 1917

Vivien Leigh, 1945

The guys can take a cue from their favorite western player.

Clint Eastwood

Jimmy Dean
John Wayne

Paul Newman

Steve McQueen

Yul Brynner

For the gal who wants to stay warm, any nice princess or evil queen will suffice.

Dorothy Lamour, "Road To Morocco", 1942

Ingrid Bergman, "Anastasia", 1956

Bette Davis, "Essex and Elizabeth", 1939

Sarah Bernhardt, "Queen Elizabeth", 1913

Shirley Temple, "The Little Princess" 1939

Audrey Hepburn, "Roman Holiday" 1953

"Snow White", 1937

Happy Costuming!

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