Monday, November 7, 2011

A Closer Look At...

...Claude Rains

Born in London in 1889.

Made his first stage presence at the age of 11.

Served in WWI and was involved in a gas attack that left him blind in one eye for the rest of his life.

Failed his first screen test but was later hired after someone heard his voice from his screen test from another room.

Worked in theater until discovered for film in 1933 for The Invisible Man.

Became a US citizen in 1939.

Was nominated four times for Notorious, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, Casablanca, and Mr. Skeffington

Was married 5 times, divorced 4 times and widowed once.

Narrated Bible stories for children.

Died  in New Hampshire in 1967


Mr. Tiny said...

Claude is truly one of the greats!!! He switched form leading man to character actor and bak with aplomb! AWESOME!!!

Emily said...

Yeah, you really can't go wring with Claude. He was such a great actor.