Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Closer Look At...

...Robert Osborne

There is nothing as comforting as listening to Mr. Osborne talk about the movies in between movies on TCM. Luckily, he is back which is great since nobody, not even Alec Baldwin, could replace him! Here is a closer look...

1. Born in 1932 in Washington.

2. Majored in journalism at Washington University.

3. Worked as a contract actor for Desilu Productions including a workshop program where Lucy and Desi helped rising stars.

4.Worked bit parts in television including a role in the pilot for The Beverly Hillbillies.

5.Took Lucy's advice after she suggested he combine his two great loves, films and writing. She told him, "You came from a nice middle class family and we have enough actors already, we don't have authors."

6. Wrote the book Academy Awards Illustrated.

 7.Worked as a columnist for The Hollywood Reporter.

8. Started hosting on TCM in 1994.

9.Discovered a building in New York called "The Osborne" after reading Rosalind Russell's auto bio and decide to buy 3 apartments there. 

10. Has never married.

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Mr. Tiny said...

Why is this guy so captivating??!! Even on my TCM-released DVD's, I never skip his intro's!