Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Top Hat"

In the fourth of ten films Ginger and Fred would do, "Top Hat" could be one of the best. This film has the most dance sequences the pair would ever do in a film and grossed over 3 million dollars. 

Fred plays Jerry, an infamous American dancer in England to work for silly man and show producer Horace, (Edward Everett Horton). While working on a dance number, sleeping beauty downstairs (Ginger)calls the hotel manager and complains. Horace goes downstairs, Ginger aka Dale goes up to give the loud man a piece of her mind.

Jerry is in love and Dale is annoyed. He promises her to be quiet and once she goes back down stairs Jerry does a "quiet" dance for her using the sand of an ashtray. All fall asleep.

The next day, Jerry sends Dale flowers from her "silent admirer". Nice touch Jerry. Here we see Lucille Ball with a one liner part. How I love Lucy before she was big! We learn that Dale as a sugar daddy already who in my opinion is gay.

Dale is still mad at Jerry even after a personal apology. She is going to the stable to ride when what do you know, Jerry hitches the buggy and drives her there himself. 
Dale is still not impressed.

Jerry waits around and when the rain comes, he tries to rescue Dale. After some song and dance, Dale gives in and likes Jerry.

 The next day, the big mix up occurs. Jerry is staying in Horace's hotel room. Horace is married to Madge who is away in Italy (we'll get to that later). Dale thinks Jerry is Horace and married! Boy is she mad! She smacks him right across the face in public! Jerry is confused. Dale and boy toy head off to Italy to hang with Madge who are friends. Jerry is sad, but the show must go on!

Jerry finds out Dale is in Italy and goes after her. The sets for Italy are amazing. They took up two studios at RKO and were the largest sets constructed up until 1935. Wow!

 Dale tells Madge that her hubby whom she thinks is Fred, is getting fresh with her! Little does she know soon enough that the mix up will be fixed up and her and Jerry will innamori (that's Italian for "fall in love")

"My hubby did what?"

They dance cheek to cheek and the rest is history. Ginger's costumes are fabulous. This was the first film specifically written with Ginger and Fred in mind.


wacky tacky said...

Great, great movie! The canal sets are truly amazing. I still laugh every time Fred is driving the carriage and says, "He didn't give a dame (damn)."

FlickChick said...

What can you say - magical forever and always.

Kate Gorman said...

I LOVE this film! Fred and Ginger were brilliant together!

I love 'Cheek to Cheek' and 'Isn't It A Lovely Day To Be Caught In The Rain.' I also love the style of the costumes and sets and the era that the film is set in. A magical and feelgood movie! :) xx