Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Disapearing Act of Tap Dance

While watching Moon Over Miami for the fourth time in two days (don't judge me)I asked the fiancee, "What ever happened to tap dancing in the movies?" He had no answer. After thinking through Don Ameche's singing I started to get peeved. I mean, how can someone not find tap dancing sequences in films entertaining if not a spectacle of total amazement? When did movie goers wake up one day and not insist that motion pictures include tap dancing in their films anymore? Instead of starting Moon Over Miami over again     (it was raining after all)I got on Google and asked the very same question the fiancee couldn't find an answer for. Up came a link for "Happy Feet" and "Chicago". So in modern films if I want to watch tap dancing it either has to be through cartoon or a "period piece" film. Are these my only options? Guess that is why I love the oldies and why the saying, "They don't make em like they used to." is really true. So lets take a look at some fantastic tap by some fantastically talented oldies and smile knowing that at least once upon a time this form of dance thrived and say a thank you to DVD players for allowing us to watched them over and over again.

The Nicholas Brothers in "Stormy Weather", 1943

Gene Kelly in "Summer Stock" 1950

Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell in "The Broadway Melody" 1940

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