Monday, December 19, 2011

"It Happend On Fifth Avenue"

It's the season to be busy. Between starting a new job, sewing and crafting gifts, and shopping I have had little time to sit down with an oldie film. As I was cleaning up after hosting a party and threw on TCM to get my fix. Five minutes in to this film and I stopped cleaning and sat down to watch this cute flick.  

Victor Moore plays Aloysius, a homeless free loader who every year moves into a rich man's mansion when he leaves for warmer winters. He wears his clothes, sleeps in his bed and is nice enough to dust the furniture and check the light bulbs for the guy. Soon he meets   Bill, who just got thrown out of his place and is looking for an apartment. Aloysius offers "his place" and the two becomes roommates. Soon after they catch a "thief" who is actually the rich mans daughter Trudy (played by Gale Storm). They think she is taking a coat which is really hers. She ran away from school and conceals her identity and starts to live there herself. 

Trudy has a thing for Bill but so far he isn't into her. Before you know it, there are several families living in the house, even a baby! Trudy gets dolled up for Bill and he finally gives her a second look.

"Aaaarn't I sexy now?"

Trudy's dad and the home owner comes looking for Trudy once he learns she skipped out on school. She tells him the story and begs father to pretend to be homeless and live in the house too so she can get closer to Bill. Loving father agrees. What is funny is that Aloysius starts treating father like a maid and makes him do all the chores!

When father gets fed up and tells Trudy he is going to the cops, Trudy calls in mom, who has been separated from father for quite a while. She starts to cook and everyone gets ready for Christmas time. A business deal comes up for Bill and father plays a hand in it to make Bill move far far away. He wants Trudy to go back to school and all she wants is to marry Bill. 

Things looks like they might work out when Bill gets the chance to pursue his dreams and Father and Mother start to reconcile. They celebrate Christmas Eve dinner together with the whole gang. When Father makes a business deal that ruins Jim's chances at success, he breaks up with Trudy to take a job in Bolivia. Trudy is pissed and so is Mother realizing that Father will never change.

In the end, everything works out. It is a Christmas movie after all...

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Mr. Tiny said...

I've heard of this one but have never seen it - another one to add to the must watch list! Charlie Ruggles is one of my favorites!!