Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Flying Down To Rio"

This interesting film stars Dolores del Rio, Gene Raymond, Fred Astaire, and Ginger Rogers. Gene plays Roger, who is a playboy/aviator/band leader who gets fresh with the ladies in the crowd so much that his band is always being fired from gigs. He spots some fresh meat in the crowd and is quickly smitten.

Even Fred and Ginger had 4th and 5th billing at one point!

That fresh meat is Belinha (Dolores) who is already engaged but still looking for some action. She plays hard to get.

A young Ginger!

Roger gets fired again, but just in time to pick up a job in Rio! At the same time, he hears that new wanna-be honey Belinha is flying home to Rio and needs a ride. Roger tricks her into going with him only to have a crash landing on what they think is a deserted island. Luck Roger! He quickly finds a way to "break" the plane even more so he can have some sexy time with Belinha on the beach.

They smooch, then fight, then realize they are not as deserted as they think, and Belinha gets a ride home without Roger. 

In Rio, Roger tells band mates that he fancies his new gal.
(BTW everything about this picture is amazing.)

The hotel gets ready. The band is supposed to play a new show that will get the hotel rolling. Only one problem...they aren't allowed to get a permit for the show and can't go through with it! Fred and Ginger put their heads together with a plan.

And Fred throws in some dance numbers. 

Like they say in, the show must go on! The band decides to rig tons of planes with scantily clad broads and have the planes fly around for hotel guests to see. Yeah, that sounds reasonable.

This scene is strange and awesome at the same time. Minutes go by with shots of girls, some wearing barely nothing, hoisted up on planes holding on for dear life as the "fly" through the air. 
Cue in the giant fan...

Guests seem mildly amused and Belinha's fiancee is not happy. He knows about Roger and is convinced to get her married right away to avoid any further complications. But what will happen to Roger and Belinha? Will the airplane trick get the band fired or re-hired?

This is the first pairing of Fred and Ginger. Fred was hesitant about their next film not wanting to be known as a partner act, especially since he danced with his sister for some many years. He decided to go through with it and the rest is history.

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wacky tacky said...

It goes without saying, but there are some matches that are just made in heaven! This one is incredible from Ginger's suit to the wing walkers/dancers! My friend Janet does an amazing cover of Ginger's tune, "Music Makes Me." I looked for a link but couldn't find one. Great review!