Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"The Grass Is Greener"

This odd film, directed by one of my faves, Stanley Donen stars Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum, and Jean Simmons.

Cary plays Victor, who runs tours for out of towners through his castle of a house. 

His wife Hilary (Deborah) is the lady of the castle and sells mushrooms. They seem to be happy and in love until Charles (Robert)"accidentally" stumbles in on Hilary. 15 minutes later they are in love. Does this guy have charm or what? 

Hilary must go to London to get her hair done. She'll stay the night at frenamie Hattie's house. Really she is going to stay with new boyfriend Charles. Hilary doesn't think twice about not covering her bases, especially when her haircut trip turns into a mini vaycay. Hattie has the hots for Victor and goes to see how he is.

Victor knows what's up but doesn't want to make a move as to bother the two love birds. He acts weirdly calm and collected as Hattie tries to get him to forget about his cheating wife and more about the potential of them shacking up.

Nothing says "sexy" like matching jeweled earrings and headband.

Victor decides to call up Charles and invite him to stay the weekend. He should pick up Hilary since she is in town with Hattie. Riiiight. Stanley splits the screen as we see the guys think each other are chumps and the gals think the men are nuts. What is Victor up to?

As everyone arrives, the love triangle party can start.


Talk about awkward! Can you spot the white elephant?

Finally the cat is out of the bag and Victor tells Charles that if he accepts a dueling challenge he can have the old broad. Butler Sellers helps out. 

After shots are fired, Hilary comes out to see what the men are up to and finally has time to chat with her husband about her new beau. What happens after that? Is the grass really greener on the other side? You must watch this one to find out!

This film has some cute scenes and interesting 60's wardrobe. Moray Watson plays the butler and he is charming at that. Not sure who OK-ed the script on this one, as any husband would not act this way in real life if his woman was stepping out on him. And it seemed highly unlikely that a happily married woman would dump her husband over a brief conversation with another guy. The fiancee called her a hooker when they kissed! And lets me honest, who would dump Cary Grant for Robert Mitchum? Sorry, Robert.


wacky tacky said...

It's a weird one. If you haven't seen "Dream Wife" yet - don't. Okay, watch it once just to check it off the list. The Deborah Kerr/Cary Grant magic could not be relived after "An Affair to Remember." I don't know why but the script and pacing of these films is just strange. Good review!

wacky tacky said...

p.s. the headbands are no good.

Patti said...

I watched this movie solely to look at the beautiful Cary Grant. While he was pretty good-looking in the 40's (not in the 30's, I don't think), he was totally gorgeous in the 50's and 60' fine wine, the man aged very well.

Emily said...

Yeah I agree with you Pattie, I can watch anything with Cary Grant, but I think he was just as attractive in his 30s as his older years. He can't do wrong!

Emily said...

Yes, Mr. Tiny, it was bizzare. Although my mother just got off with the phone with me insisting there is nothing strange about Cary's behavior, or Debs! Affair to Remember is the best Grant/Kerr pairing. I love that film. And yes, headbands, wristbands, or rubber bands...they are all no good.

Rianna said...

My one major problem with this whole film is that I couldn't possibly understand how Deborah dropped CARY GRANT to have an affair with Mitchum. I mean, I like Mitchum (I think) but Cary Grant??? How can you dump Cary Grant for anyone? (What I mean is I agree entirely with your last statement, lol).