Monday, January 30, 2012

"Too Many Girls" 1940

"Too Many Girls" stars Lucille Ball as Consuelo, a rich bitch who decides to go to college. Father is worried she will get into trouble, so he hires four football stars to act as bodyguards and keep an eye on her. Connie's college of choice? Why, Pottawatomie of course!

When Desi first sees Lucy in the film. He is blown away!

As the boys head to college, they quickly learn that the school is in debt and won't reopen until they get some cash. The boys put their pay together and bail the school out. Song and dance follows and the men are instantly popular with the ladies!

Don't worry gals, the new students will help!

The contact for the boys says no broads and no funny business. Clint realizes what a hottie Connie is and finds it hard to resist his orders. Connie still doesn't know that the boys are there because of her, let alone watching her every move.

Meanwhile, Desi (Manuelito)blows off his orders and gets busy with the ladies. There is a funny scene where he sucks face with a gal trying to guess her lipstick brand!

I want Ann Miller's skirt!

Pottawatomie's football team sucks and the all Americans can't resist the urge to join the team. Pottawatomie soon becomes the best team around! Trouble is, Clint starts to get love crazy and can't concentrate on the field. The boys try to get him to snap out of it.

Connie finds out the truth behind Clint and the boy's reason for being at school and she is furious. She insists they leave town immediately and miss the final game. When the school hears about this they literally send out a lynch mob to get them back.

What about the big game? Will Clint ever win his girl back? 

This film is cute, but in no way resembles "college". While the student body was dancing in unison I turned to the fiancee and asked him why my college experience didn't include choreographed song and dance. This is also the film debut for Desi, and the film where they iconic pair first met and fell in love. Ahhh...


Rianna said...

I didn't find this movie amazing but it will always have a special place in my heart because, you know, this is how Lucy and Desi met. ;) And we wouldn't have I Love Lucy without it!

FlickChick said...

Who doesn't love Lucy? However, I am developing a greater appreciation for Desi these days. He was rather special, wasn't he?

wacky tacky said...

There is so much to love in this movie, not the least of which is Lucy. It has amazing collegiate style, the American Southwest in 1940, Frances Langford, Eddie Bracken, crazy dance number, etc. Yet somehow, I find it all very unwatchable. Lucille Ball is now putting out her ghostly cigarette in my eye.