Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Some Like It Hot"

If you ever read anything I write you will know my detestation for Marilyn Monroe. I avoid her. With that said I managed to live 31 years without seeing this picture. For a while I was proud of it. But somehow (and by somehow I mean while filling up my queue I got lazy) this flick made it though. Final opinion: this film is adorable because of men in drag and two; she still bugs.

Jack and Tony are band members who get gigs at speak easies and are always broke. After a bust during a show and some bad hands made at betting, the boys are in serious need for some cash. Things turn for the worse when the boys are witnesses to a mob hit, and now the bad guys are after them to knock them off too! After much searing they find only job available: playing instruments as chicks in an all gal band. The men put on the drag.

Before they know it, they leave town and are one of the girls. On the train to Florida for the 3 week long gig they meet Sugar, played by Marilyn, who doesn't seem to be acting much because she is playing a dumb blonde who makes bad decisions. Jack falls for Sugar and has a private party in his sleeping car. 

When the word gets out that the girls have hooch, the whole train joins in!

This scene is super cute, and I would be interested to know how they fit everyone it that tight space! Tony decides to get the ball rolling and pulls out his best Cary Grant impersonation to win a date with Sugar. He pretends he is a rich, boat owning bachelor who can't find love. Sugar buys it.

With the help of Jack's new boyfriend, yes boyfriend, Tony gets Sugar on top of him. Naturally it didn't take long. 

Jack has a man in his life, rich cupid type Osgood (Joe E. Brown) who wines and dines Jack while Tony sneaks on to his yacht. 

After making her walk of shame from the boat, Sugar can't wait to get back to the hotel and tell the "girls" all about it!

I'm easy!

Things are going great until the mob boys catch up with them and learn about their cross dressing antics! Their only choice is get out of town. But how will Tony break the news to Sugar? What about their gig and the cash that they so desperately need? What will Tony do if he can't see Sugar in her "naked" dress?

The ending is cute with Jack breaking the news to Osgood that he is a man. 

This film was Billy Wilder's first comedy feature. Marilyn had extreme difficulties and in some cases needed 40 plus takes for 3 worded lines. She showed up late and pissed off the crew to the point where Wilder didn't invite her to the wrap party. 


wacky tacky said...

I always wanted to dislike MM. She seemed like a personality rather than an actress. She seemed like the kind of actress that only teenaged girls liked. But I can't help it. I love her. But as the saying goes, "nobody's perfect."

L said...

THANK YOU! She is horrible and doesn't even act. Blergh!